We at Tessak Boerboels have had a wonderful 2015/2016 not only have we bred some beautiful dogs but we have made so many friends even as far as Canada.

    It was so wonderful to get all the WhatsApps from Hendry from the moment he chose his puppy. The photos kept me very busy and when she flew out of OT Hendry kept track of Sugar all the way and I had SMS arriving any hour of the morning. Hendry I was so glad I wasn’t close when your children were born — kidding Hendry I love all your SMS messages and photos of your “Sugar”. Hope you keep your promise and come and visit us.
    Shana had a very successful year with Afrika Hazard who produced a beautiful male puppy named after his grandfather Havoc now owned by Luzaane Botas . Kiara just the name says it all who now lives with Abri and Anneki near Vanderbyl on a farm. Then there was Tiny who Gert and I nursed from 2 weeks she was so small and frail we fed her with a dropper every hour. She was the one puppy I let go crying buckets of tears I guess it made it a lot easier getting photos and knowing she is spoilt rotten thanks, Mientjie KZN.
    Then Shana and Hudson produced 10 beautiful pups which ….. Gert and I helped feed every two hours and Shana took advantage at night barking we would come running to find a puppy had wondered off and she waited for us to get the puppy back. Well, I soon got the message Shana does dayshift and mom you do nightshift.

    Hercules what a handsome young man you have become belongs to Ruweda KZN and Ruweda please grade Hercules. Not to be ignored we have Hudson now here is an impressive young man with a beautiful head and shoulders belonging to Dr Tavensham Chetty KZN. Tavensham I will be at Hudson’s grading. Perhaps you and Ruweda can do your dogs on the same day wouldn’t that be great. Urs belonging to Reuben of Springs what a gentle giant you will find him on our web covered with children fast asleep on him.Mafusa went to Thadlau Zulu and then he took Mafusa to show his Dad bad decision Thadlau His Dad kept Mufasa cheer up Thadlau you can buy another puppy!!.

    No year ends without its heartaches and joys and people you would like to thank. We atTessak had our fair share of heartaches. My Tessa was taken out of the breeding programme and now lives with Toetie and her family. I will always remember and miss you “my hart se punt” sal jy altyd bly. Bismark left us and became the proud father of 6 puppies what a pity they will not be registered with SABT.

    The joys ........Elaine eventually twisted Gert’s arm and bought her miniature Schnauser “Truffels” but Gert calls her “Troubles” she is my shadow and I love her to bits. Joining the boerboel clan came Lola who somehow managed to squeeze into a space between Shana Sasha and Ruby and oh my goodness she is becoming my special puppy how could she think of sharing a space with my beloved Shana !!!

    My thanks to Karlien Greeff for all her advice and being my mentor.Jaco and Tanya vir al die stoom wat ons saam afblaas en die kere wat ons lekker lag julle is nou aangenome kinders ne. Dannel for my beautiful web, Angelique for keeping it up to date you are a star. Stephan for teaching me all about a computer believe me I didn’t know how to open an email.

    2017 looks like a very productive and interesting year for us catch up with you all later in the year.To all the wonderful people we met and those who bought Tessak puppies thank you and God bless you all in 2017.

    ElaineCan  you believe  November is on its last legs!!!  The cookie tins are empty and the Christmas cake not baked where did my time go. Well its all the fault of the boerboels.

    Sasha and Sakabuka gave us three puppies you will find Roxy on the web and we will probably have puppies from Roxy next year.  Roxy has a lot of her father in her and boasts a bloodline of Africa Tosca and Makhula Rafa need we say  more.

    Ruby and GOA Mustang gave us a litter of beautiful puppies This was Ruby’s first litter and she produced 12 puppies. I am so proud of her she is such a good mother and her puppies were really stunning. You will find Tara and Mufasa on the web we kept Mandy who has  her mother’s  strong front legs and beautiful chest. Mandy we need your fathers good back and a large head like your mother. You are going to be a real princesses.

    Ruby also has the Africa Tosca Altyd Rocky  and Africa Hazard bloodline.  Our combination for Ruby’s next litter is with Mes Rubenstein. This is a very powerfully built male  who makes such an impression!!! We are very excited about this litter and have booked a male for us before they are all sold.

    Shana and Afrika Kallas produced a litter of five three males and 2 females.  The red male is going to Janine van der Westhuizen  and has been christened Gunner Janine it is really such a fitting name. Janine you are taking a piece of my hart! This male stood out from birth and has continued to be pick of the litter. Our two dilutes went to Eric Johnson and we were so happy to hand them over to you Eric from your photos it would appear they don’t even miss us!! We still have Ricky our  quiet calm full of love little female. Don’t fret Ricky having the fantastic Tosca and Altyd Rocky bloodline we would welcome you into our breeding programme.

    Sasha and Kallas or is it Tankwa ??? DNA tests will confirm the father.  This litter is four males one female and YES  I am keeping the beautiful DOZER short for bulldozer. His photo is on our web. Rudi sorry you can’t have him but you and Ouma Laine can share him. Prof Joshua Kemba  we will watch your male with eagle eyes it was a real hard decision between  Dozer and your Ranger .

    So here comes 2018 and so much excitement .  We have expanded  from three breeding females to 7  and also looking to buy a real beautiful studmuffin  for our girls. Oh by the way just a little reminder  Gert and Elaine are well into the late sixties early seventies so 7 FEMALES CAN GET OUR BLOOD PRESSURE SOARING.  My poor husband is very rattled when making dates for farm meetings or going away for a weekend because as he says “ Hold on let me check with the bitches who rule my life!!

    New females are Afrika Rusty what a pleasure a dark red she stole my heart with all her face wrinkles she almost has as many wrinkles as me hahaha. Roxy and  Mandy.

    I would like to thank Karlien of Afrika Boerboels for  her friendship, help and advice. Karlien took charge of my new born puppies while I was in hospital. Karlien baie danki ek waardeer. Patrick Verster of Verster Boerboels for the loan of GOA Mustang. Gawie Pothuis for his candid and honest advice. Gawie ek kom regtig kuier. Dannel Web once again thank you. Rant en Dal thank you for being so patient with us.

    Well folks take care may you all have a stunning 2018 and watch out for our next newsletter in September  God  bless and regards Elaine

    PS: Ricky went to the O’Sullivan family and it was all arranged by the young Tagh. Very secretly done without the family knowing!! Well done Tagh I hope Ricky who is now called Bella brings you  joy.

    Buster went to Michelle  and what a lovely lady she is. Buster look after Michelle she is going to spoil you rotten.